Founded in 2016, RUACH is a company focused on nurturing Korean artistic talent.  We assist in both the planning and implementation of public exhibitions for established artists, while applying a constant effort to discover and foster new talent.  We host exhibits that highlight the fusion between art and business.  We also encourage the awareness and growth of the interest in art among the public by publishing books and launching collaborative art projects.

RUACH aims to grow the artistic community in fields ranging from painting, sculpture and crafts to digital media and architecture.  Networking between artists and the public takes many different forms.  We work to actively develop partnerships between both new and established artists, and the business community, by holding events such as exhibits and art fairs.  Maximizing the value of art by rapidly facilitating communication with creators has become RUACH’s motto.

The ultimate goal of RUACH is not just to participate in the arts, but rather to expand the reach of the arts deeper into the public sphere, while bringing enjoyment to all of society.  By taking part in art projects, RUACH creates a space for the widening interpretation and critique of art.  Often transcendental, sometimes provocative, never formal or controlled, RUACH continues to contribute to the public square that is modern Korean art.